About Me

Hi this is Yashwanth ,

I am going to explain you about how I get an idea to create this website, Actually am a kind of person that use to find out the different types of interests of mine.

One day I heard about how to create a blog or a website, then I started trying to create a website, To create it I heard many lectures in YouTube that how to create a website. Then after a 3 months by listening all types to create a website I created a own blog of me. After that I have an idea that “WHY I SHOULDN’T CREATE A WEBSITE THAT WOULD BE HELPFUL TO MANY PEOPLE.” Then I start working on it and prepared many websites www.wondersworld.tk , www.livetvinindia.in , www.howwhywhat.net .

I also have an youtube channel, It name is COMPUTER KINGDOM . This channel is dedicated to many computer tips and tricks nearly this channel consists of 50+ videos.

Thank you for your patience to read my story.


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