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Entrepreneur, Writer, Music Majnu, Sci-Fi enthusiast. I am a Science & Technology aspirant. I love to share the knowledge what I possess and learn the knowledge what is don't possess. Passionate about blogging also an Internet Marketer. Interested in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics. I love the natural beauties around the world. I am an Electrical & Electronics engineer officially.

How the color led’s work ?

LED means the light emitting diode. Diode means the equipment which will have two electrodes. When we send the energy to diode it transfers...

What happen when the airplanes in thunders ?

We know that the Airplanes will fly in the sky. These airplanes are invented by the "Wright Brothers". Their names are Orville Wright(August 19,...

How does the Lemon battery works ?

We all know how the lemon battery is prepared. The normal battery is a combination of many cells. A cell is the mixture of...

Why the Ocean blue in color ?

There are many reasons to say why is the ocean blue in color. We all studied that the light spectrum is the mixture of...