Why the birds on electric wires don’t get electric shock?


Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about the birds and electric shock related topic. We may saw that the birds which are flying in the air will stay on the wires of the electric poles. There are some places which I have seen the group of birds will fly on the electric wires.

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They fly on those wires in a design. Really that type of design will effective to watch. You can also see many images below showing some those designs. Here according to our knowledge we know that we get electric shock by touching any wire which is in the active mode of transmitting supply.

Did you affect by an electric shock? We may hear some words while we doing some electric work that “Wear the slippers, don’t touch Wall etc..,”. Here this word “Electric Shock” means the charge is flowing from our body to the neutral region.

On the time of electric shock, our body acts as a conductor. The conductor means the material which allows charge to pass through it. There is also a term called insulator, which means the material which doesn’t allow the charge through it. birds seated on the electric wires does not get electric shockThe examples of the insulator are air, plastic, wood, rubber etc..,  We learn about the conductor, here any human or animals body will act as a conductor at the time of the electric shock.

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How the science works to not get electric shock to birds which lay on the Electric poles:

birds seated on the electric wires does not get electric shock

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If we touch any supply wires, we may affect to electric shock because when we touch the lines then there is a chance to charge to penetrate through our body to zero potential places. The best example for the zero potential places is earth. If we touch the supply wires by wearing slippers we may not get affect to the electric shock.

Because we discussed our body acts as a conductor but here the slippers are made of rubber so it acts as the insulator. We also discussed that the charge will not flow through the insulators.


So here the charge flows through our body and stops at the place of slippers as it is an insulator. It doesn’t allow charge to earth. Similarly in the case of birds which stand on the supply lines will not get the electric shock because they stay on the only one wire and they does not touch to the earth. birds seated on the electric wires does not get electric shock

If the electric pole is not earthed and if the bird touches the wire and the electric pole then the bird get electric shock only if the electric poll is made of iron or concrete because here the bird acts as the conductor of the pole and wire. If in case the electric pole is wooden the bird may not get any electric shock.

Every electric supply contains minimum two wires. If the two birds are stood on two different wires which are beside to each other, if any bird tries to touch the another bird then there is a chance of happening short circuit between two wires and birds will die on the spot.

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