Why the colored light bulbs make us to see different color than original color of an object?


Hello, Science enthusiasts, today I am going to explain you about another fact in our daily life. We see the objects front of us with our eyes only when the light is present. If we see the same object with colored light bulbs, we notice that the color of that object is changed. If you like this post, you must subscribe to our Email and PUSH notifications service after reading this post. It is absolutely free of cost. So, you can get much more latest interesting stuff to your inbox and as mobile notifications to your mobile.

Invention story of Artificial light source:

The sun is the primary source of the light in our solar system. For the first time, the early man produced the fire by rupturing of two rocks thus light developed. Decades before Thomas Edison filed a patent for his electric lamp. Scotsman James Bowman Lindsay (1799-1862) produced constant electric light in what became a prototype of the modern light bulb.

Building on Humphrey Davy‘s successful yet impractical platinum incandescent light, which he developed in 1802, Lindsay managed to create a more usable form of the light bulb. Having secured a position as a lecturer at the Watt Institution in Dundee, Scotland, in 1829, Lindsay began experimenting with constant electric light. He demonstrated his invention in 1835 at a public meeting in Dundee.

The light from an incandescent bulb is produced from a filament through which an electrical current is passed. Lindsay claimed that, with his light, he could “read a book at a distance of one and a half foot.” This was an improvement on Davy’s light, which did not last as long, was not as bright, and used platinum – an expensive material. The public was impressed by Lindsay’s light, which produced no smell or smoke, did not explode, and could be kept on a tabletop.colored light bulbs CFL

Lindsay went on to give public lectures about his invention over the following years but did little with it after that. He neither pursued nor established a patent for his device, and the modern light bulb as we know it would later be developed by others, such as Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison. Even so, Lindsay’s invention is considered an important event in the history of lighting and was one of the first prototypes of today’s incandescent light the bulb.

Nowadays there are advanced lightning are in usage. They are LED lighting.

Now we see:

OK till now we have discussed the invention of the artificial light source. We see any object and its color with the help of our eyes only in the presence of light. In shopping malls, we see different colored light bulbs are used as their lightning. They use this kind to attract the visitors. Then we see some different color than the original color of the object in that lightning. If we see that object in the normal light we notice original color. Did you know why this phenomenon occurs? Don’t worry I am here to explain you about this scientific reason behind this phenomena.

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Here’s the scientific reason that why we see other than original color under a colored light bulbs lighting:

We know the natural light has seven different colors. These seven different colors can notice by a prism experiment. When this white light falls on an object then that object will refract the color in which it consists and observes the other colors in the visible spectrum. For example, when the light falls on the rose, this rose absorbs the other colors present in the visible spectrum and reflects the red color in the spectrum. Thus we see the rose as in red color.

Similarly plants leaf, did you think why the plant’s leaves are always green in color? This because when visible light spectrum falls on a leaf. Then the leaf absorbs other colors present in the visible spectrum and reflects the green color. Due to this reason, we notice that leaves are in green color. If a colored light bulbs are used, we able to see the different color from the original color of an object.colored light bulbs of CFL

This is because the there will be no object’s color emitted in the colored light. But if we see in the gold shops, they use gold color lighting. This color makes all objects to look as the gold color and shine. We may also observe that the green color lighting was used at the coconut shop so as this light is used we can’t detect any small damaged on the coconuts we purchase. This was the part of advertising lighting to attract the visitors and are helpful to nullify the miniature damages.

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