How much pollution we made with Diwali fireworks?


Hello, readers, today I am going to explain you about the Diwali fireworks. Diwali is the one of the most favorite festival to many people in India. First of all Happy Diwali. This festival also celebrated in Myanmar etc., in some other countries. See here how much pollution we made in in this Diwali with fireworks.

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This festival is famous for fireworks used on the nights of the festival. On Diwali, the whole country will be in busy with firing the crackers. By this firing of these crackers, they get some enthusiasm. On the other side, the pollution is also becoming a major problem faced due to the usage of fireworks on this day.

These firing of crackers will release the harmful gasses which are not healthy for us. At present the Air pollution, Global warming are the major problems facing us. Due to these pollutions we need to face lots of problems like lack of healthy weather conditions etc.., many other living organisms are also exhausted due to these problems.

Now many countries are fighting against these global problems. Many other countries decided to stop this carbon production and usage and decided to shift for the renewable pollution less production in the meet at Paris, France.

The pollution graph was going on increasing every year.The pollution scales are going on increasing above the severe limit. Till now the highest pollution city was Beijing, China. But due to these crackers usages in India, New Delhi will reach the high pollution scale than the Beijing in air pollution.ban on diwali fireworks

Air pollution due to fireworks:

The air pollution is severely increasing every year in India. Due to these firing of crackers, the India reach the no.1 position in the air pollution causing countries list. We are playing the crucial role for this bad cause to our surroundings.

The pollution level increased to the pm 2.5 pollution level range. According to the scales of the World Health Organization (WHO), there will be no harm to people till the pm 2.5 pollution levels and the cubic meter of smoke is 60 micrograms per meter.

But this year this pm level is increased to 60% higher. See how much pollution is caused.

But every year in the India this range is increasing up to 40 to 50 times. See these statistics, how we are doing pollution in our surroundings.

Due to the pollution id high in Delhi, India nearly 1800 schools were closed.

If you travel on the next day of Diwali in Delhi then you are the person who has an effect of smoking 40+ cigarettes a day.

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Sound pollution due to fireworks:

According to the constitution of India, the sound range in the day times should be up to 55 decibels and night times should be up to 45 decibels. Anyone should not overcome these conditions. These are designed as to protect the human beings in order to not cause any diseases.

Due to the usage of fireworks, the sound emitted will be up to 125 decibels. This sound range is higher than the sound emitted by an airplane in its flight.

Due to these large decibels emitted and receiving by our hear, we may get many diseases like High blood pressure, Heart attacks, and Cause of deaf. In order to overcome these diseases, we have to reduce the usage of crackers.

How pollution occurred:

stop using fireworksDue to these usages may harmful gasses like Sulfur dioxide, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Magnesium, Nitrogen dioxide, Phosphorous, Zinc and gasses due to Color dyes used for the crackers.

These released gasses mixed with air. We inhale that air and effect with many diseases. The Chemical emulsion used in the crackers will show its effect on our body parts. As

  • Cadmium causes Kidney problems, Anemia.
  • Sodium causes Skin diseases.
  • Zinc causes Vomiting.
  • Nitrate causes Mental disability.
  • Nitrite leads to Coma.
  • Magnesium causes Dangerous fever.
  • Lead affects Nervous system etc…,

Effect of Fireworks used on Diwali:

On the next day of the Diwali, the crackers wastes throughout the India was of 40000 tons. Any street in overall the India will be full of these wastes. On this other side, we are increasing the wastes deposits.

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this is the pollution occurred due to fireworks usage on diwaliIf you need happiness in this festival. You donate to people something what they actually require. See their expression after donating it to them. That’s it, you feel some happiness from deep in your heart, I bet this happiness won’t come if you spent that money for crackers.

Prevention is better than cure.

We get diseases due to this silly one-minute enjoyments. So, please stop using fireworks and stop pollution. Then you were also a part of people in stopping environmental pollution in the world.donate people instead of spending money on fireworks

Instead of wasting money on crackers, if you donate that amount you spend on crackers to the poor people in India then you become one of the most people memorable people in their life.

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I hope this article brings you out from the darkness in your life.

I Successfully celebrated this Diwali without any crackers. If you also celebrated as me please comment below and share this post to your friends proudly as “I celebrated this Diwali without fireworks”.

According to some statistics, 30% of sales on the crackers was decreased. So, naturally, the pollution will also decrease up to 30%.

Please do “Share this article with your friends and bring awareness among the people on these Diwali crackers”. You must! Thank You 🙂