Why the Ocean blue in color ?


[Ad]There are many reasons to say why is the ocean blue in color. We all studied that the light spectrum is the mixture of seven different colors. When the light fall on the water it scatters. This is known as scattering. While this is going on the blue color in the light spectrum is scatters more than the other colors , so because of this the ocean color is looks in blue color, this was the major reason which is said by science.

why the ocean blue in colorBut according to the chemical bonds theories, the water cannot absorb the light because of this the water is colorless and transparent. The atoms of water will not absorb the light so that it reflects. In this blue colors is reflected a lot. Our eyes will detect the light which is scatters at all sides rather than the light reflect straight to our eyes. So because of that scatters reason of the water we will say that the sky will also looks in blue color.[Ad]In case of rivers, ponds etc.., the water is is blue in color. In some cases of ponds etc.., the water looks green in color because the plants are present in the bottom of the water. As we know that the plants will reflect the green light in the spectrum more. So, the water looks in green color and also some cases the water is in sand color because the disturbance of the sand under the water.

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