Why the salt spray on the ice roads ?


[Ad]In winter the countries which are near to the pole will have much cool in weather. The ice which fall on the roads houses etc.., On roads because of ice, transportation is difficult. Because of that they remove the ice which is stocked to the road. Spraying salt on the ice roads is also a way to remove the ice form the road. When we spray the ice on the roads the salt crystals melt due to the humidity present in between the two ice pieces.why salt spray on ice roads
Salt means Sodium Chloride is divided in to positively charge Sodium ions and negatively charged chlorine ions. This ions react with the water and produces the heat. This heat melts the small cells of the ice. Thus that the ice removal on the ice roads is becomes easy. While this is going on the transportation vehicles are ice removing vehicles go on these roads, there is a chance of melting ice in faster way. Thus ice on the ice roads is removed.[Ad]

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