Definitions of Terms Used in the Official Poker Dictionary

A poker game where players compete for a pot. This could be a live or online game.

Rebuy – The ability to add to one’s tournament stack before busting. This is usually only permitted for a limited time during a designated break, and it requires the player to have at least one chip in front of them.

Add-On – A portion of the total prize money in a poker event that can be added to one’s initial tournament chips for a fee during a designated break. This amount can be increased by an additional add-on if the player finishes high enough in the event.

Expose – To reveal a card to players that are not normally entitled to that information during the play of the hand (different games have different rules about what constitutes an exposed card). In some cases the card can be considered dead, but in others it may be subject to penalties depending on the circumstances. In stud poker, this can be done by picking up the cards while facing action or by failing to properly “muck” the cards at the end of a betting round.

TAG – Stands for “Tight Aggressive” and describes a player who enters the pot with a tight range of starting hands. Compare to loose and aggressive.

Kicker – A card in a poker hand that doesn’t directly formulate the hand, but contributes to its strength by providing a good measure of equity against bluffing opponents. The stronger the kicker, the more likely a strong poker hand is to win.