DraftKings and the PGA TOUR Become Official Betting Operators of the PGA TOUR

As US state governments legalize sports betting, the debate over how to regulate it has escalated. One issue has been how leagues should profit from sports wagering, ideally by receiving a share of the total amount wagered. While some leagues oppose this idea, many have embraced it. The NHL was the first major professional sports league to introduce a team in Nevada, and the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia Flyers both have sponsorship deals with bookmakers that include betting integration.

The PGA Tour has forged its own path with DraftKings, which became the first official betting operator of the PGA TOUR in July 2019. The multi-year agreement includes data sharing and marketing initiatives. The TOUR has also expanded its partnership with the company to include an official live betting market on its website.

Generally, players are allowed to place bets on any sport other than those of their own team and any competition sanctioned by the governing body of that sport. This includes golf, cricket and boxing. However, gambling on pro, college or amateur sporting events sponsored by the NCAA is not allowed. If a student-athlete bets on a game they play or have inside information about, the governing body of the sport can suspend them. This is true even if the player is not on campus at the time of the bet or if they are at a training camp. In the past, several NFL players have been suspended for a year or more if they bet on their own teams.