DraftKings and the State of Arizona Sign Official Betting Partnerships

An increasing number of sports betting partnerships have been announced, giving industry leaders an opportunity to work together to grow their businesses. These partnerships are more than a one-off deal: they’re a broad portfolio of long-term relationships between companies. For example, DraftKings, a market leader, has signed a series of agreements to extend its reach across multiple states.

In Arizona, sports betting has been legal since Sept. 2021, when the Arizona Department of Gaming (ADG) issued a legal license to sportsbooks. The first sportsbooks opened on Sept. 9 of that year, and by Oct. 2022, 18 sportsbooks were operating in the state. In addition to these sportsbooks, two sports venues in the Phoenix area opened sportsbooks for fans to place their bets.

While the majority of states have legalized sports betting, some states are not ready to open their betting markets to the public. For instance, Nevada requires that bettors register at a land-based casino before being able to place their wagers online. New Hampshire is another example, as it has a legal framework that allows for online sports betting, but the state has not yet built any casinos.

West Virginia was an early mover in allowing online sports betting. While many states took years to legalize the industry post-PASPA, this state has been at the forefront of gambling expansion. The state’s stance has made it appear progressive for an unassuming state.

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