IDN Play

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This article examines how students use narrative elements, such as character and choice poetics, to construct idn designs in a 2. 5-h workshop. The results are secondary analyses of student IDN composing processes and student reflections. These findings indicate that shifting narrating to an IDN is challenging, as it requires a rethinking of goals and elements and demands a new kind of narrating for the Internet.

This new form of narrating is an important contribution to the field of complexity in art, but it is also an ethical challenge. The emergence of an IDN ethics framework that would be comparable to those used for traditional forms of representation like journalism may help to shape this new form of storytelling and its impact on public discourse. A first step is the development of a systemic model that understands complexity in terms of interaction and its products. Koenitz’s SPP (system, process, product) model provides a useful starting point for this investigation. The model takes a dynamic system as the core element and identifies the interactive process that yields instantiated narrative products. These products are then interpreted by the interactor as either objective products (recordings and play traces) or subjective products (retellings). The latter are the focus of this article.