MGM Sportsbooks Become Official NBA Betting Partner

Until recently, gambling companies were forbidden from sponsorship deals with NBA teams. But, thanks to an agreement with MGM, NBA games will now be available to bettors on non-MGM sportsbooks. As a result, the NBA direct feed will become more valuable to bookmakers.

In addition to NBA games, MGM sportsbooks will also be able to use the NBA logo on their oddsboards. While most sportsbooks aren’t using the NBA feed just yet, it will be a valuable asset in the future. While MGM books have the exclusive right to market themselves as an official NBA gaming partner, other leagues may pursue similar deals. In the meantime, fans can get the most out of the league’s games by using a reputable sportsbook.

The most popular day to bet on the NFL is Sunday. But, there are many other days to bet on the NFL, too. Some states, including Illinois, are allowing wagering on in-state college teams through retail bookies. However, not all states have embraced sports betting, and the opposition to legalizing gambling on sports is still strong.

Other sports betting markets include Over/Under, which is predicting the total number of runs or wickets in a match. This can be a good way to increase odds, but can also lead to a smaller payout. Before you place your bet, check the rules for the event. Many states prohibit wagering on college player props, so check that out.

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