MLB Announces Partnership With FanDuel Group

If you’re betting on sports games, you want to be sure your wagers are graded fairly and your information is secure. This is why it’s important to only place your bets on legally licensed and regulated operators in the United States.

The legal term for these bets is “official” because they are made on information that is provided to licensees by the relevant governing body of a sporting event. These governing bodies are the sports leagues that dictate rules, and they want to ensure that their information is used properly.

Leagues also argue that official data is necessary to prevent the spread of erroneous information and to protect the integrity of the game. While these arguments have some merit, they don’t necessarily justify legislative mandates for the use of official data. In fact, the language in laws that require the use of official data includes a qualifier: “commercially reasonable terms.” This gives state regulators discretion to determine whether the terms are in fact commercially reasonable.

In addition to the use of official data, sportsbooks must also adhere to responsible gambling laws and policies. This includes promoting responsible gaming by educating fans on the dangers of problem gambling and providing links to resources and self-exclude tools for those who are concerned about their level of addiction or compulsiveness.

In the case of MLB, that includes a partnership with FanDuel Group as an official sportsbook partner. The multi-year deal enables FanDuel to integrate official MLB betting content across its sportsbook and daily fantasy products and to promote those efforts through advertising campaigns. In addition, the company has added a new NFL Playoff bracket contest that gives bettors a chance to win a one-of-a-kind experience.