NCAA Official Betting Bots

Putting something at risk to win something in return is gambling. It’s a violation of NCAA rules that risks eligibility for student-athletes. The rule applies to those involved with any sport sponsored by the NCAA at the professional, college or youth levels. That includes players, coaches and administrators. It also covers in-uniform officials and postseason workers. They undergo a thorough background check to review any criminal charges or convictions related to gambling or sports wagering.

Betting groups are constantly looking to get as many accounts in their book. They aren’t allowed to openly grovel for accounts, like Mormons who go door to door for new members, but they must find creative ways to get people to send them their money and information. One way is by offering a referral bonus. Another is by using a betting model that finds talented people who can beat the lines and then pays them handsomely to do so.

These betting groups collect hundreds of accounts. It’s not possible for them to hand-bet into each of those accounts, especially since time is a factor. So, they use what’s called a “bot.” This software is instructed to bet specific lines at specific times, automatically entering the winning bets into hundreds of accounts at once. This allows them to cover more of the market and maximize their profits. It also eliminates any human error. For example, a bet on a player reaching first base on an error that’s later changed to a hit.