Nevada Sports Betting Laws

Unlike some other states, Nevada requires in-person registration to place bets. This has deterred some bettors. Nevertheless, Nevada has 14 online betting platforms and more than 170 retail sportsbook locations as of early 2023.

MLB and the NFL have embraced sports betting, with multiple online and mobile options available. They have also opened sportsbooks inside their stadiums. For example, the Washington Redskins have a sportsbook in their stadium, and the Chicago Bears plan to open one this year. Besides partnering with numerous sportsbook partners, MLB and the NFL monitor bets for evidence of tampering and have in-house integrity teams.

The NHL prohibits players and those who work for the league from placing bets on NHL games. This rule is written into the team and league constitutions, as well as the collective bargaining agreement. The rules are posted in every dressing room throughout the league.

NBA rules prohibit bets on NBA and NBA-related events. However, there is no ban on wagering on non-NBA events or on other sports, including Super Bowl squares, NCAA tournament brackets and fantasy basketball.

All in-uniform officials are screened for gambling and sports betting activity. Officials found to be engaging in illegal activity can face a three-year suspension, and those who offer a bribe for game-fixing will be banned forever.