Nevada’s Sports Betting Laws

After the Supreme Court threw open the door for sports betting, state governments have taken different approaches to regulate it. Here’s a look at how some states have approached the new industry — and how it differs from Nevada.

The Silver State has long been known as the gambling capital of America, so it’s not surprising that sports betting has been around for decades. Nevada has a unique system for wagering, which requires in-person registration at a casino and only allows online wagers on games that have been released by the sportsbook. As of early 2023, the state had 14 online betting platforms and more than 170 retail sportsbook locations.

A major factor in placing a winning bet is being well-informed about the game and its protagonists. This is why specializing in a specific league and its teams is essential, allowing you to follow them week after week and keep abreast of all developments, injuries and suspensions.

In addition, it is essential to understand how bets work and the odds of a particular outcome, which will affect the amount of money you stand to win. In general, the lower the odds, the higher the probability of winning. This is also true for bets on totalizators, where the odds change in real-time depending on the share of the market each outcome has received and the bookmaker’s return rate.

The NHL’s collective bargaining agreement states that players and employees are not allowed to place bets on NHL games. However, this rule would not apply to other sports unless those bets were made on an NHL-sponsored event.