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The first legalized lotteries were promoted as a way to fill state coffers without raising taxes. But Cohen shows that such a claim was largely unfounded: The profits from the games were tiny by comparison with the costs of running a state. In the first year of operation, New Jersey’s lottery brought in thirty-three million dollars, or about two per cent of its budget.

As the nation entered the late twentieth century, Cohen explains, state finances were squeezed by a combination of factors, including population growth, inflation, and rising war costs. As a result, many states struggled to balance their budgets while still providing generous social safety net services. This made it difficult for politicians to raise taxes or cut services in a manner that would enrage voters.

In this context, lotteries became popular, as they offered an easy-to-approach revenue solution that posed no threat to the welfare state. And since the early years of the modern era, a growing number of states have adopted them.