NFL and MLB Official Betting Codes – Keep Your Bias in Check

Athletes have more access to betting data and bets than ever before thanks to professional sports league partnerships with bookmakers and independent integrity monitors. But some players don’t like what they see and have pushed back on sports betting’s growth.

In a recent article, the Washington Post highlighted a few of these conflicts and the impact on fans. Whether it’s the NFL’s decision to ban player-team betting, or MLB’s refusal to allow its players to bet on their own games, these moves have created tension between teams and players. In the meantime, betting on your favorite team can be a fun and rewarding experience — as long as you can keep your bias in check.

Legalization is ongoing across the country, and some states are starting to open up sportsbooks. New Hampshire approved sports betting in 2020, and launched its first in-person locations and mobile sportsbooks in November 2022. Maryland followed suit in 2021 and has since opened three in-person sportsbooks and launched its online sportsbook in January 2023.

The NHL’s collective bargaining agreement says “Gambling on any NHL Game is prohibited” and this rule is posted in every dressing room in the league. The NHL also has an official code of conduct that includes a three-year ban for anyone seeking, offering or accepting a bribe to fix a match or event. It also bars players and anyone working for a team or the league from betting on events not sanctioned by the NHL.

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