NFL, NBA, MLB, NBA, MGM, DraftKings Announce Official Betting Partnerships

Official betting is becoming legal in the United States, and sportsbooks need a data and betting solution to serve fans. To meet this need, NASCAR developed the first-of-its-kind official betting solution, enabling sportsbooks to take bets on every lap of a race. The resulting solution allows fans across regulated states to enjoy a highly engaging live experience.

The NFL, like other sports leagues, has forged partnerships with betting operators, which allows betting to seep into game broadcasts. The league has said that the partnership will generate at least $270 million in revenue this year. However, there are some issues with betting on the NFL on a national scale, which will require new legislation.

The NBA’s deal with MGM allows bookmakers to place NBA logos on oddsboards. This is a step towards more official betting, which is expected to grow in the near future. Although the deal will be limited to Nevada sportsbooks for now, it’s expected that other states and leagues will follow suit.

As MLB’s Official Betting Partner, DraftKings will have on-site brand exposure during the MLB Postseason, including MLB’s Jewel Events. The partnership will also debut the DraftKings brand at the 2021 T-Mobile Home Run Derby, with an on-field “Hit It Here” trigger and two World Series tickets. DraftKings has also announced two free-to-play pools surrounding the Home Run Derby.