Official Betting and the NCAA

Official betting is wagering that is based on statistics and results released by a sport’s governing body. It’s a popular way for bettors to make wagers on their favorite teams and players.

This includes markets for first touchdowns, first quarter or half-time scores and so on. In the case of a pending bet, the market will remain in play until one of these scoring plays is made. For example, a botched punt attempt or fake punt that leads to a first down won’t count as a scoring play.

Sports betting is a massive industry, with some states passing legislation to legalize it. But the NCAA wants to make sure bettors are using the system responsibly and that student-athletes don’t become victim to predatory behavior from individuals with gambling interests. It’s a problem that has already been highlighted by surveys of college-age students, who report being harassed online or in person about their betting habits by people with gambling interests.

To address this issue, the NCAA is supporting efforts to update state sports betting laws to protect student-athletes from harassment or coercion and address the negative impact of problem gambling on young people. The NCAA will also advocate for policies that promote responsible use of sports betting by addressing how betting information is presented to bettors and the protections that exist in some jurisdictions, including age restrictions. The NCAA will continue to work with its member schools to provide resources on responsible betting.