Official Betting in Sports

Official betting is a bet placed by sportsbooks on official game statistics. This bet can either take the money-line or the point spread, with different payout odds depending on which option is chosen. In addition, bettors can place a Yankee bet or a Lucky 15 bet. A Yankee bet is a system of betting on four events, while a Lucky 15 adds an extra event to the mix for a total of 11 bets.

New state laws have opened up more opportunities for legal sports betting, including North Carolina and Vermont. The former voted to make online and mobile sports betting legal, while the latter made it so that bettors can place wagers at in-person venues.

Colorado also became the 19th state to offer sports betting. The launch was fast, with several operators beginning to accept wagers by May of 2020. There are restrictions involving in-state college games, though. Betting on collegiate game outcomes and player prop bets are prohibited.

In the NFL, multiple players have been suspended for placing bets. Two Indianapolis Colts and one Tennessee Titan have been suspended indefinitely for breaking the league’s gambling policy. In addition, Isaiah Rodgers and Rashod Berry have been suspended for the season for similar violations.

The NBA has strict rules regarding sports gambling. Taking a bet, soliciting or accepting a bribe to fix a match or event within a match, or misusing information that could be used for betting purposes are all banned by the league. In addition, all in-uniform personnel and team employees are screened for gambling or sports wagering activity after each season, and a criminal record found on the screen may affect eligibility.