Official Betting Reports From Major Leagues and Sportsbooks

With legal sports betting now available in more states than ever before, professional leagues are getting a better look at the bets being placed on their games. The leagues work closely with sportsbook operators and independent integrity firms to ensure that betting activity is monitored and reported. The NBA, for example, has rules in place that prohibit players and team staff from betting on its own games. The NHL isn’t as strict, but players are not allowed to bet on games they are involved in and it is illegal for them to wager in places where NHL betting is prohibited.

The Nevada market is the largest in the United States, with more than 170 retail sportsbook locations and 14 online betting platforms as of early 2023. The Silver State’s unique process to get started with sports betting (in-person registration at a casino) has deterred some potential bettors from signing up. But it still offers a top-five handle and has been the fastest growing market since its launch.

Indiana has quickly emerged as a major player in the industry, with sportsbooks opening for business less than a month after the Supreme Court’s ruling in June of 2019. The state has become one of the top-five handles and boasts a solid customer base, bolstered by its speedy transition to regulated sports gambling. The state was the first to offer online wagering and has since eliminated some of its initial betting limits.

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