Official Betting Rules in Sports Betting

As sports betting goes live in Massachusetts, we’re learning more about the rules that are governing the industry. One key area is official betting, in which sportsbooks partner with leagues to have access to data that can help them set their odds. But, there are other rules that must be followed to make sure the experience is fair for all and sportsbooks don’t fall foul of regulations.

FIFA’s code of ethics prohibits any attempt to rig or manipulate the outcome of a football match or competition with the purpose of illegally gaining gambling profits or any other advantage. This includes seeking, offering or accepting a bribe to fix a match, as well as misusing information that could reasonably be used for betting purposes. It also bars players, coaches and other team staff from betting on a match or event in which they are involved or have an interest.

Similarly, NBA teams can’t place bets on games in which they’re participating or working, but it’s fine to gamble on multisport events that take place at the same time as an NBA game (such as the Summer Olympics). If a player is found to be breaking this rule, they face punishments that include an indefinite suspension from the league and possible termination of their contract.

All in-uniform NBA personnel, including players and coaches, are screened for gambling or sports wagering as part of their postseason eligibility screening. This is done through a background check and review of any criminal charge or conviction with elements of deception that would suggest a link to illegal gambling activity.