Official Lottery App

Official lottery is an app that puts the fun, information, and convenience of the official state lotteries right in your pocket. Get real-time notifications of jackpots, online games, and new scratchers. Plus, you can scan your tickets with our nifty ticket scanner and check if you’re a winner! (Msg & data rates may apply.)

It’s hard to overstate the impact of the lottery on society. It’s a system that doesn’t discriminate against race, ethnicity, religion, or wealth. It is a meritocratic game where the odds are so great that everyone, no matter their current situation, should win. Lotteries also have a message that they’re doing good for the state by raising money, but if you look at the overall number of dollars raised versus total state revenue, it’s not very much.

In the US, most lotteries offer multiple games. Some feature a traditional numbers game; others have keno-style games or video lottery terminals. Some even have a “quick pick” option that randomly selects numbers for you. The majority of lottery players choose their own numbers based on their lucky numbers, birthdates, or other significant dates.

You can find lottery tickets at most grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations that sell cigarettes in your state or territory. Some lotteries also have their own online tools that help you find retailers near you. Just be sure to play responsibly and never while crossing the street or operating a vehicle!