Official Poker Rankings

Official poker rankings provide an easy way to compare poker players, sites, and games. Whether you want to learn the rules for the games you’re interested in, or are looking for more information on poker tournaments, official poker rankings have the answers. The site’s main pages also feature tournament results, free player statistics, and a database of poker sites.

If you’re new to poker, there are many rules to remember. The first rule is that you must always sign in and print your Full Name and Member ID# on the sign in sheet. This rule applies to both online and offline registration. It is also important to remember that infractions such as collusion, cheating, or verbally or physically threatening other players are grounds for revocation of Player Membership.

Another important rule of official poker games is that you can’t move your seat once the game starts. Once the game begins, a director will assign starting chips to every player. If any players are absent, the remaining players will be dealt in, and all chips for antes and blinds will be placed in the pot.

A dead hand is a hand that is not playable. The house controls who gets to play. If two players are already at the table, they will be put into the blinds. If they’re not at the table at the start of the hand, the house can force them to play in the worst possible position, which usually means that the player with the best hand is out of the game.