Official Poker Rankings

Official Poker Rankings is a free poker ratings website that includes information on poker tournament results, poker site ratings, and player rankings. It also includes statistics on free online poker games, tournament prizes, ROI, and exact finishes. It also provides information about single table and multi-table tournaments. Its rules are freely available.

In a regular poker game, one player acts as the dealer. They place blinds and antes before each hand and rotate clockwise after each hand. In some games, two players to the left of the dealer are called the big blind and the small blind. Both of these players are required to place a bet of a predetermined amount in the pot before cards are dealt. The dealer will deal the hole cards, which are cards that are face down.

Observing another player’s hole cards is not cheating, but it’s a poor etiquette practice. Players are also discouraged from hiding or moving high-value chips so that the opponent thinks they have a shorter stack. Another strategy is pretending to call a hand by moving a large portion of their chips, hoping to gauge how your opponent reacts.

It is also important to not make fun of others when they make mistakes. You may be tempted to point out a player’s errors, but this will only make the other players feel uncomfortable.