Official Poker Rules

Whether you play poker at home or in a casino, you need to know official poker rules. These rules are written to keep the game running smoothly and to protect the integrity of the game. Using these rules can help you win more.

Poker rules are outlined in a code of conduct, which is a set of rules that define the responsibilities and proper practices of players and game providers. Violations can result in ejection or permanent ban.

Most poker rules are broken in pre-set order, but there are some variations that do not fit into a specific category. For instance, some blackjack players act out of turn, and some blackjack players do not act out of turn.

Rules are designed to keep the game running smoothly, and a code of conduct outlines many rules. Violations can result in a ban or loss of all poker chips.

In a poker tournament, all players must adhere to the tournament rules. They must also follow the code of conduct. Violations can result in disciplinary action such as a verbal warning or permanent ban.

Players may not discuss their hands until the action is complete. For example, they must not discuss if they are folding, checking, or raising until their turn to act. They must also not discuss how they are holding.

There are also rules that prohibit cell phone use at the table. This is because cell phones can interfere with the game, which is against WFP rules.