Sports Betting and the Sports Leagues

The symbiotic relationship between sports betting and the sports leagues is a topic front and center in the debate over state and federal legalization. Leagues’ years of opposition to gambling have given way to a clear intent to profit from US sports wagering, ideally via a direct cut of the overall handle. The quest for official data mandates has supplanted an attempt to extract integrity fees as the leagues’ preferred mechanism of monetizing the games they claim to own.

Sports betting is not without its risks, especially when placed on a team or player that you support. However, you can minimize the risk by understanding the odds and probability of winning a bet. It is also a good idea to keep in mind that even “sure bets” can go sideways, so it’s important to bet responsibly and know your own financial situation and risk tolerance.

In the US, most states have legalized sports betting, but only some require official league data to grade in-game wagers. A number of factors play into the decision whether or not a specific jurisdiction will require official data. This includes: