Sports Betting Partnerships With Major Leagues

The United States’ major sports leagues have signed partnership agreements with gambling companies that give the betting industry access to official data and team information. The NHL has a partnership with BetGM and the NBA with William Hill, while MLB is looking at signing deals as well. The NHL and MLB have also allowed their players to enter ambassador roles with gambling companies, such as Edmonton Oilers star Connor McDavid appearing in a BetGM advertisement.

New sportsbooks continue to open as more US states legalize sports betting. In addition, old sportsbooks change names as companies buy and sell brands. These changes affect the way you place wagers at these sites, as they may have different lines and prices for a given event.

Although the legality of sports gambling in the United States remains to be decided at the federal level, 35 states plus the District of Columbia have established rigorous licensing regimes for sportsbooks and bookies. This makes it illegal for anyone to operate a sportsbook outside these state jurisdictions. However, daily fantasy sports contests are currently legal in more than 40 states and are often conducted at legally licensed bookies.