Sports Betting Regulations – What Is Official Betting?

The world of sports betting is a complicated place, and the rules that govern it are continually changing. Since the US Supreme Court legalized the industry back in 2018, states have been implementing and amending their regulations at a steady pace. Some have remained staunchly opposed to it, while others have jumped right in with both feet.

One of the more complicated rules involves official betting. This refers to any bet made on a game that has been deemed official by the sport’s governing body. The main reason this is important is that it allows bettors to bet on a game with confidence, as opposed to placing bets on an unofficial or unofficial version of the event.

Generally speaking, if a game is declared to be an official game by MLB rules after five or more innings—or 4.5 innings if the home team leads—moneyline bets will stand. However, if a game is called during an inning, it will usually be void and the official result will revert to the previous inning.

Also, if an individual is involved with a national baseball or softball team or is part of the tournament’s organization, they cannot place bets on any WBSC competition in which they are participating. These restrictions are meant to prevent any potential conflicts of interest from occurring within the regulated betting market.