Sportsbooks and Leagues Form Official Betting Partnerships

Several professional sports leagues have joined forces with sportsbooks to establish official betting partnerships. These partnerships give sportsbooks access to official league data and allow sportsbooks to offer bets on games. Typically, these partnerships consist of an expansive portfolio of agreements, allowing both sides to benefit from the relationship.

The NFL has been a leader in partnering with sportsbooks, including Caesars and DraftKings. Last season, the NFL announced that it would permit sportsbooks to sponsor team sponsors in states that had legalized sports betting. It allowed sportsbook-sponsored betting lounges and kiosks in stadiums. The NFL also licensed video internationally to sportsbooks.

MLB has also been active in searching for official betting partners. MLB has struck one partnership, with MGM Resorts International. In addition to the partnership with MGM, MLB is actively seeking other partners.

The NBA and NHL have also agreed to use MLB data. The PGA Tour also has an exclusive partnership with FanDuel. In addition, the PGA Tour recently announced it is expanding its multi-year marketing relationship with DraftKings.

ESPN and Fox Sports have also taken a strong stance on gambling content. Last year, ESPN Plus offered a gambling theme simulcast. In addition, Fox Sports announced it would launch a sports betting app.

The NFL has also been cautious about betting content, in order to protect the integrity of its games. The league has been testing its video licensing overseas. However, broadcasters have added betting lines and spreads to the bottom of the screen.