Sportsbooks Should Consider Signing an Official Betting Data Deal With NFL Teams

Official betting is one way that sports fans can better understand the odds of a game. Although odds can be tricky to understand, it is vital for fans to have accurate information in order to make the best wagers. To that end, the NFL has partnered with sports betting operators to incorporate gambling content into the broadcast and stadium experience. As a result, the NFL is expected to generate $270 million in revenue this year from official betting. In order to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity, sportsbooks should consider signing an official betting data deal with NFL teams.

In addition to providing information on official bets, some sportsbooks also offer their own in-game betting solutions. For example, PointsBet is a popular product that gives users the opportunity to win or lose based on the differential in a game. PointsBet is also known for its Good Karma Payouts promotion, which was a response to the recent Yankees sign-stealing scandal. The company is also an Authorized Gaming Operator with MLB, meaning it has access to team data and rights to use team marks.

Another example of an official betting partnership is the one between the PGA Tour and FanDuel. These two sports organizations have a long-standing partnership and will collaborate to offer odds-based content to fans. They have a number of rights to use PGA TOUR marks and advertising in TOUR media, as well as distribution of highlights to FanDuel bettors.