The NFL Announces Partnerships With Three Sportsbooks

NFL fans will soon be able to bet on their favorite NFL team and win real money while watching the game. The NFL has recently announced that it will partner with three sportsbooks to bring fans official league data. The agreement will allow the sportsbooks to promote their relationship with the NFL and tie their brands and products to the league’s statistics. If the five-year deal goes as planned, the NFL will receive nearly $1 billion in revenue over that time, and the teams can opt out at any time.

In 2018, U.S. sports betting became legal and more people are starting to use sports betting sites to place wagers on games. For example, the LaLiga official betting service features over 100 in-race bet types. This gives sportsbooks the ability to take bets on every lap of the race, giving fans across regulated states a unique live experience. This is the only official sportsbook product to integrate data from over 100 sports leagues, including NFL and MLB.

In addition to the traditional sports betting market, the PGA TOUR has entered the golf market with a new multi-year partnership with fan-friendly platform DraftKings. The new partnership will give the sports betting platform exclusive rights to distribute odds-based content to fans of the game. While the deal is not as lucrative as other sports betting companies, the benefits are significant. The new partnership will also allow bettors to view video highlights and branded fan experiences.