The NFL Is Moving Ahead With Sports Betting

The NFL fought hard to keep sports betting banned before the Supreme Court ruling, but they’ve done a 180 since. They’re now embracing it, partnering with betting sites and including odds and lines in media coverage. It’s a change that hasn’t been lost on players either.

It’s now possible to bet on everything from how many yards a quarterback will throw for in a game to who will catch the first touchdown of the season – provided that the sport is legal where you live. And with more than half of college-age students reporting having placed a bet in the past year, it’s clear that sports betting is becoming a part of the culture.

Iowa legalized sports betting in 2019, with retail and online sportsbooks going live at the end of summer 2021. DraftKings, PointsBet and Caesars are among the sportsbooks that launched in the state, which only allows betting on pro and collegiate games. The state’s sportsbook rules also prohibit player prop bets in collegiate games. Alabama is another state that could soon offer sports gambling, as lawmakers have been discussing a bill for several years. It would separate retail and online sportsbook licenses, though passing such a bill in a state with strong gaming aversions has proven difficult. The NFL is taking steps to make it easier for it to monitor betting activity, dedicating security personnel and partnering with integrity firms to help identify offenders. It’s not an easy task, but it could make a difference in keeping sports betting under control.