The NFL Moves Towards Official Betting Partnerships

Until recently, gambling companies were banned from sponsoring NBA jerseys. However, that is changing. In fact, nine of the 20 English Premier League teams signed sponsorship deals with gaming companies last season.

As a result, the NFL decided to take a cautious approach to gambling content. It began researching the legalized sports betting markets. It then spoke with governing bodies, gaming operators, and sports entities. Eventually, it concluded that sports gambling legislation should include substantive licensing requirements, protections for consumers, and clear markets.

The NFL has since signed official betting partnerships with sportsbook operators. In fact, the league expects to generate $270 million in revenue through official sports betting this year. In addition, NFL broadcasters can sell six sportsbook commercials per game to sportsbook operators that are approved by the league.

The PGA TOUR is another league that is aligned with the American Gaming Association and Have A Game Plan campaign. As a result, it has developed a robust integrity program. It has also partnered with Genius Sports and IMG ARENA to license live scoring data.

It has also signed a three-year extension with FanDuel. The sportsbook has the right to use the TOUR’s trademarks, and they have the right to distribute highlights to FanDuel bettors. They also have the right to advertise within the TOUR media.

While the NFL is moving cautiously with gambling content, there are many other sports betting partnerships that are taking shape. These deals are a great opportunity for companies to work together to benefit the industry as a whole.