The Rules of Official Betting at DraftKings

The sports betting industry has been exploding since the Supreme Court struck down PASPA in 2018. It’s one of the fastest-growing entertainment markets worldwide. But if you’re not a professional gambler or “sharp,” you may not know the rules of official betting.

The official result of a game or event is final for all bets except where the rules state otherwise. For example, if a fight is postponed and not replayed within 24 hours, the bets will be void unless the rescheduled fight takes place at the same venue. In a similar vein, a medal ceremony in a race or the podium position in a tennis match are considered to be the official results.

For wagers on total statistical totals (Over/Under), the game must play a minimum of 9 innings (8.5 if the home team is ahead) for the wagers to have action. Similarly, first to X-based props require that the player in question must be in the starting lineup to have action.

Players, coaches and managers at clubs at FA level 4 or lower and matches officials at FA Level 4 or below are banned from betting on football events in which they can influence the outcome. This includes match-fixing, bribery, collusion and offering or accepting inside information for betting purposes. This prohibition also covers assisting others to do any of the above. This ban is in effect until further notice. If you violate this rule, DraftKings may revoke any winnings, withhold funds, remove the account and ban the user.