The Rules of Official Betting

When placing bets on a game, it is essential to know the rules of official betting. These guidelines are set by the sportsbook and must be followed in order for a bet to stand. This protects the integrity of the games and ensures that bettors are treated fairly. These betting rules are also important to understand because they can affect the outcome of a bet and potentially result in a refund.

For a pre-live prop to have action, the player(s) must either throw at least one pitch (pitchers) or record at least one plate appearance (position players). In addition, the game must be officially ruled a full 9 innings for a game to have action. Exceptions may be made for certain head to head player props that are independent of the length of the game.

During the playoffs, NFL teams are required to provide all bettors with their team-specific official data, which is then used to settle wagers and determine payouts. The league is working to expand this initiative, which will also include its own in-house integrity monitors and an expanded network of third-party integrity providers.

A player, coach, or member of a team staff cannot place a bet on any WBSC competition in which they are participating, including the Olympics, unless it is part of their training schedule. This includes both the men’s and women’s tournaments. Additionally, a player, coach or team staff member can’t bet on any MLB game if they play for a WBSC-sanctioned multisport competition that takes place during the Summer Olympic Games.