What Constitutes Official Betting?

With legal sports betting now available in more than 24 states, fans have a myriad of options when placing bets. But with so many choices comes a new set of rules and nuances that can lead to trouble if not understood. Here’s a look at what constitutes official betting.

Generally, sportsbooks will honor bets on the outcome of an officially played game unless otherwise specified. This includes bets on parts of games, such as the first five innings, and those placed on a single player or team. However, if a team cancels a game, the bet is considered null and void. There are also instances where a bet isn’t honored for technical reasons, such as an error by a sportsbook.

Professional leagues have heightened scrutiny of betting activity, collaborating with regulators, sportsbooks and integrity firms to identify potential violations. The NFL, for instance, has beefed up its in-house technology and dedicated security personnel to monitor betting activities.

In addition, the league partners with sportsbooks to establish an in-game wagering network to increase visibility into the market. The network includes a database that flags bettors who provide information the league can use to detect unauthorized activity.

A correlated play is a bet on two related events that occur simultaneously. Examples include a team winning a game while its opponent scores an equal number of points. The bet is graded as a win if either event occurs, or a loss if neither happens.