What Is Official Betting?

Official betting is a type of sports wagering that takes place at licensed and regulated sportsbooks. It involves bets on real-time events and can result in large payouts. Major professional leagues are partnering with sportsbooks and integrity firms to monitor the betting market and identify suspicious bettors, which can lead to fines and suspensions. But as sportsbooks expand their offerings and professional leagues beef up their in-house technology, there are some new questions about how bets will play out.

When it comes to betting on MLB games, sportsbooks are bound by the official rules of each league. In order for bets to have action, a game must be official and the relevant full or half-inning must be completed. However, a sportsbook can turn down a bet or pay out winnings for many reasons, including an error on their part.

NBA rules state that players and team and league staff members cannot bet on NBA or WNBA games, as well as any event in the WNBA, G-League, Basketball Africa League or NBA2K League. Those who are involved solely with a national baseball or softball team, however, can bet on an MLB game if it is legal to do so where they are located.

All in-uniform personnel, including trainers and coaches, are banned from placing bets on NFL games at any time. The league also screens all postseason officials for gambling- or sports-related criminal charges or convictions. The NFL has also increased security at its facilities and partnered with sportsbooks to increase visibility of betting activity.

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