What Is Official Betting?

Official betting is a way for sportsbooks to offer bettors a variety of wagering options that are tied directly to a team, league or tournament. It’s a popular feature in US states where gambling on sports is legal, and it can result in more attractive odds for bettors.

Betting on a specific player or event in a game isn’t illegal under NCAA rules, but it’s considered a violation if the bets are placed with someone who’s not an authorized bookmaker or a licensed sportsbook. That includes placing bets on NCAA tournament brackets, Super Bowl squares and other pre-game props. This type of wagering can even affect a player’s eligibility, as was the case when Joseph Sullivan paid eight members of the 1919 Black Sox to fix a baseball game.

NBA personnel, which includes players and those who work for the league, are prohibited from betting on any NBA game, practice or other event. This includes NBA Summer League, WNBA and G-League games and the NBA2K League, as well as other league-owned properties such as the Basketball Africa League. The exception is when betting on non-NHL events is permitted, which players are free to do in regulated markets. The NFL’s current gambling policy is unclear, as it prohibits players from placing bets while on the road with their teams or in their home stadiums. This makes it difficult for the league to detect any violations, unless the bets are placed with a bookmaker who doesn’t have partnerships with the NFL and isn’t obligated to alert the league of any such bets.