What Is Official Betting?

Official betting is placing a wager on an event that has been officially sanctioned by the game’s officials. This can include betting lines, totals and props on a game, event or individual participant. It also covers bets made on events outside of a game, such as March Madness brackets or Super Bowl squares. Postseason officials are screened for gambling and sports wagering, which is one of the reasons that people who make these types of bets can be deemed ineligible to work the next season.

The NBA has a policy that prohibits its players and employees from betting on games. This includes NBA, WNBA, G-League and Basketball Africa League games. Players are not allowed to place these bets at team facilities or when they are traveling on the road with their teams. They are required to sign a statement acknowledging league rules on betting.

The Kentucky Derby is a national event that attracts many people who don’t follow Thoroughbred horse racing regularly. As such, it’s common for these people to place bets on the race. The best way to be successful in this type of betting is to start by studying the race and betting history, then choose your bets based on your research. You should also consider making a show bet parlay with your friends and family to increase your winnings. It’s important to note that the number of contest opportunities may vary during holiday or seasonal periods. These contest opportunities will be described via the “prize details” screen in the Game and/or Sponsor’s B/R Betting social media channels.