What Is Official Betting?

Official betting refers to bets placed on a game that is officially played. These bets may be on the outcome of a single play or a series of plays. They can also be on the final score of a game, the total number of runs scored or the winner of a season’s championship game.

Bets on extra innings are not always paid out, unless the result of the extra-inning game is the same as the outcome of the first nine innings. However, some sportsbooks may have special rules for extra-inning games.

Money Line: This is a bet on the favorite to win. A -1.5 money line means that the home team must win by two runs to cover; a +1.5 means that the underdog must win by one run to win the bet.

Totals: These bets are on the total number of runs in a game, over/under. These bets are often available during the early rounds of a tournament.

When a game is not completed due to inclement weather, the baseball commissioner usually designates a “official game” after 5.0 innings. This is when most money line bets have action.

If bets are made on a game that is completed due to inclement weather, the game will count for money line wagers as a complete game. A game that is complete due to inclement weather will also count for over/under wagers, but only if the home team wins by a large enough margin during the game.