Does really a Time machine exist ?


We all know film “Back to Future” and many other films are captured on the basis of the Time Machine existence.does really a time machine exist
According Albert Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” , When an object’s speed increases then its height decreases, mass increases and its daily growth becomes slow. The meaning of the theory is “If There are Two twins john and joe. John is in on the earth and joe is on the fastest traveling space shuttle. Then after as some years later, if the both twins john and joe will meet together then the john becomes old and joe looks to be young than the john, it means the joe travelled space shuttle is an time machine like vehicle”. Their travelled time is same. To come back, their should be some change in the speed. But it will not happen in real life. Thus the time machine is only to the assumption. Really the time machine doesn’t exist.

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    • Its is not possible to travel to past or future. According to Albert Einstein’s theory it may possible but practically it is failed. Even though, some researches are going on to make the idea of time machine true. Let’s see